Ideal tool for Creating Effective Web Journalism Infographics

Infographics help people to better understand hidden stories behind data

Turn data into attractive visualization, with no design skills

Web Journalism is a challenging, multi-faceted world.
Data Driven Journalism is a specialization based on data and statistics.
The Data Journalist has high technical skills, including the ability to find data on the network, filter it, and use it to create Infographics.

It's a fact that to reach the widest audience on the Web, journalistic content must be readable and appealing. And here comes the power of Infographics.

PixCone is a web application to create Infographics, with specific functions for Data Journalism, such as the ability to import tabular data, turn them into charts and publish them on social networking sites, with a few clicks.

and... it's free!

Start creating Infographics now.