PixCone works well with Open Data

PixCone, the best friend of Open Data

Today, numbers and statistics about things like E-government, public administration or health are publicly available.

By the way, all this data is not easily accessible to all: database are not quickly readable by humans. So, it becomes important the way we present it. A good presentation makes data quick to read and to understand. Here, we need Data Visualization: a chart is easier to be read than a list of numbers: it helps to tell the story.

PixCone takes Data Visualization seriously, being it its primary mission. Second, PixCone holds in high regard the world of Open Data, giving users the ability to manage CSV data and use it to generate charts.

This is the reason why PixCone is a really useful to people in Open Data: it allows them to import dataset and then generate infographics to free the story who lives inside numbers and statistics.

Start creating Infographics now.