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A letter from the author of PixCone

This is an inspirational message that focuses on principles that drove me to create PixCone.

Francesco Ricceri creator of PixCone

by , 28-12-2013
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Dear PixCone user,

I strongly believe in the power of visual communication.
By using graphics, data can be effectively transmitted to people, allowing them to spread their potentials.
A couple of years ago, I got the notion of Infographic. Simply said, an infographic is a visual representation of data. An Infographic brings many advantages to people. It's more readable than text, and it's engaging.

Infographics are everywhere. They tell you how to get to the right terminal to your flight. They can be used to show off results of scientific researches. Infographics can save life, giving you knowledge to make your life healthy.
Since knowledge is an invaluable treasure, it becomes crucial having the right tools to convey all that value, and making that treasure available to all of us.

So I decided to create an infographic designer, easy to use and suitable for a broad range of applications. Mainly, I decided the designer should be accessibile to everyone, letting anyone to get the power of visual communication at their hand, and present their data to the world. In my vision, I would give people the opportunity to create infographics and share it in websites, blogs, web magazines, social networks. They even could print it.

On the other hand, I wanted to improve the process of creating infographics for professional designers and data consultant.
So I thought my tools had to be either easy to use and well structured for professional productivity, allowing designers to reuse their data and graphic elements and introducing the idea of decoupling datasets from layout.
Hence, a designer can start focusing on data, then working on layout. Or he can first design the layout, than provide data.

Flexibility, high level of customization, care for the user experience. I'm putting all this ingredients in my own project.

I named it PixCone.
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Francesco Ricceri Software Architect and Author of PixCone
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